#12BeersOfXmas Day 8 - Amstel Bock

So, it's day 8 already. Due to the fact that I'm out of town tomorrow, I'm actually writing this on the evening of Day 7.

I'm a big fan of Amstel. If I'm in a Wetherspoons that has a shit cask selection, it's my go-to. Yes I'm aware they sell Carling too, but that's my at home beer. I wouldn't be seen drinking it in public (unless I'm at a football game).

So we've got Amstel Bock here, it's 7% and obviously it's from The Netherlands.

The aroma give us a lot old malt and caramel, a little banana and a tiny sprinkling of hops.

Tasting it, it's basically like drinking Amstel with a shitload of caramel and a bit of chocolate with some banana. Close to what other people had told me before.

Mouthfeel is very carbonated, but you'd expect that.

Overall, I really like it and at 7% it's fucking good value!




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