Let There Be Golden Pints 2013

Well, folks, it’s that time of the year again… Golden Pints time! We all get to share our favourite beers of the year.

Some difficult decisions had to be made, but I think I’ve done well…

Best UK Keg: Boddingtons

Best UK Cask: Greene King IPA

Best UK Bottled or Canned: Skol (canned)

Best overseas draught beer: Carlsberg Export

Best overseas bottled or canned beer: Bud Light (canned)

Best collaboration brew: Simon Rimmer & Robinsons. BEER WITH FOOD.

Best overall beer: Carling Zest Ginger

Best branding: Tennent’s Lager

Best UK Brewery: Greene King

Best overseas brewery: Anheuser-Busch

Best new brewery opening 2013: St Edmund’s Brewhouse

Pub/Bar of the year: Carling Pub, Alicante airport

New pub/bar opening 2013:

Beer festival of the year: Greene King Real Beer & Food Festival

Supermarket of the year: Asda.

Best independent shop: The one near me that does 8 Carlings for £7

Best online retailer: Americanfood4u.de – they sell Miller High Life.

Best beer blog or website: Let there be beer, obviously…

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer: @lettherebetim has to win this. Scoop would’ve loved him!

Best Beer app: Carling Classic Arcade

Best brewery website/social media: Carling wins it all. They followed me on twitter, and their website tells you everywhere you can buy Carling! AWESOME!

Best food and beer pairing of the year: Rolling Rock with spicy Thai instant noodles in a box.

Well that’s all for this year. Some difficult decisions had to be made but I think I made the right choices, at the end of the day.

I raise my Stella Artois chalice to you all!


(P.S. Serious version coming soon)


  1. This made me smile, Cookie would like this version too

    1. Cheers Steve, glad you enjoyed!

      Felt that it had to be done!

  2. :o I genuinely thought you'd had a bang on the head there Nate.... Did make me chuckle though that's for sure. I will look forward to the serious post soon.

    1. C'mon Neil, you know that best overall beer would be Carling (regular)

  3. Was absolutely gutted on seeing the words "(P.S. Serious version coming soon)"


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