Beats: Foreign Beggars – The Uprising review

Foreign Beggars are a critically acclaimed hip-hop group that is comprised of Orifice Vulgartron, Metropolis and DJ Nonames.

I want to start off with saying right off the bat that they are my all time favourite hip-hop group. I’m not going to lie. Ever since I first heard Stray Point Agenda a few years ago, I have loved them. What enhanced my love and respect for them is that they’re massive heavy metal fans, especially Napalm Death.

Foreign Beggars are a rare example of a hip-hop group that doesn’t do the same thing on every album. They are constantly progressing and trying new things. Is there such a thing as progressive hip-hop? I don’t know but that’s what Foreign Beggars are.

Over the years they’ve gone from pure U.K. hip-hop vibes, changing again and again to keep themselves and their fans interested. If you’ve been following them lately, you would’ve seen them do collaborations with some major electronic and dubstep artists such as Skrillex & Flux Pavilion. These guys are really getting out there.

So, on October 1st 2012, they dropped their new album; The Uprising. Now, I had heard that it was going to be very electronic and dubstep orientated so I’ll be honest with you... I was slightly sceptical. Y’know, as much as I love Foreign Beggars, most of you will know that I’m not too hot on dubstep.

So, the album; what of it?

Amen starts the album and it’s fucking heavy. Bass vs Bars for days; it has a very kind of rave/warehouse party feel to it yet with the hip-hop then the album takes quite a different turn with a more clubby in-your-face blow shit up, all rise track of Apex with... well, I’m shocked... really well composed dubstep.

Crep Hype goes up next and takes more of a hip-hop control. It really brings me back to the earlier albums with that added electronic edge that’s really getting me hyped... bring on the rest of the album! 

Let’s go to my favourite of the more electronic style tracks now, Flying From Mars. This really isn’t the sort of thing I usually listen to, mainly because the lyrics are nothing but the lyrics in this just seem to do their thing and the whole track just flows. It makes me wish I was still a stoner. Vulgartron’s vocals take control here and he’s just got it down. This track is his. It’s a slower track but it all just contains itself. Metropolis kicks in half way through... needs some grey goose. I’m down with that.

My favourite track... all together... Palm of my Hand. It’s quite video game-esque. It’s certainly unique. They’ve got the heavy beats, digital sounds and incredibly well syllable matched bars. You really can’t fault it.

Never Stop is another personal favourite of mine. The lyrics are really heartfelt about the effort it takes to make the music and they love it. Yeah, they’ve got popular but they’ve done it at a cost and it’s not all about the money. This is why I love Foreign Beggars. They really bring it home. People under appreciate musical artists. They don’t appreciate the effort that guys like this make to get big. Fuck the X Factor. Some people will keep going at it. Respect.

All in all, Foreign BeggarsThe Uprising has seriously impressed me. Despite my scepticism about the more electronic aspect of it, this is an album I have not stopped listening to since I got it. It’s heavy bass and world class MC-ing. Both Orifice Vulgartron & Metropolis are phenomenal rappers and can syllable match for days and when you add that to DJ Nonames composition and production, you’ve got a lethal match. I would love to write about every single song but I’m already onto 2 pages here. Shit.

See, there are completely 2 different styles of rapping in this; You’ve got Metropolis who is that classic British rapper that you want to hear with the heaviness but can also actually sing too and then you’ve got Orifice Vulgartron who I have been saying for years is the most unique rapper in not just UK hip-hip but worldwide.

They’ve done it. Foreign Beggars have proved that you can make hip-hop incredibly electronic. It doesn’t all have to be about snare drums, people. Foreign Beggars have progressed the worldwide hip-hop scene and I can see rappers all around the world taking note of this and bringing more of this style.

Foreign Beggars – The Uprising is out now on Mau5trap Records.

Now, I can’t wait to see them live again as they’re one of the best I’ve seen of any genre; here’s where you can catch them on tour:

w/ support from True Tiger Live Band and UZ (Jeffries/Mad Decent)
*Bristol support: Jack Beats, Cookie Monsta, Koan Sound, Sigma

Fri 12: Manchester Club Academy 0161 832 1111
Sat 13: Glasgow Stereo 0141 222 2254
Tue 16: Norwich Waterfront 01603 508 050
Wed 17: London Heaven 020 7403 3331
Thur 18: Brighton Digital 01273 227 767
Fri 19: Bristol Motion* 0117 972 3111

Want to find them online?



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