Booze: Gadds’ Green Hop Ale review

So, Gadds’ is a brewery based in Ramsgate, Kent. This is my first ever beer by them and it was sent to me by my good friend Tom. You may remember Tom from my Journey To Olympia post but don’t worry if you don’t, I understand that you’ve been drunk since you read it.

Anyway... Green hops are fresh as fuck. None of those dried hops we get at other points during the year. These are fresh as fuck. They’ve been harvested and whacked in the kettle like you know how.

How do I feel about this beer?

Brewery: Gadd’s
Beer: Green Hop Ale
Location: Kent, United Kingdom
Style: Fresh hop pale bitter (I don’t fucking know and I don’t trust the internet)
ABV: 4.8%

It’s amber with a bit of a head that dies down fairly quickly.

Floral hops through and through. I’m pretty sure these would be Kent Goldings.

Fresh as fuck floral hops, a little bit of pale malt then a nice hoppy bitter finish. It lingers. It’s great!

This is great. I wish we could harvest fresh hops all the time. Man, I could easily down this pint. It’s so gulpable. I hate the word ‘quaffable’. It’s gulpable for fuck’

Thanks to Tom for sending me the bottle. I really appreciate it!



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