Booze: The Norwich Taphouse is Bitchin'


If you follow me on twitter, y'all would've seen me obsess over when the fuck this place was opening. FOR MONTHS. Well it's open and it's bitchin'.

20 draft beers and a lot of bottles. I'M NOT GOING TO FUCKING COUNT.

What's the story? It's owned by a guy called Patrick who, despite working for a couple of evil corporations in the past, is passionate about his drinks and it's managed buy a guy called Stu who's Canadian but he's alright! Nah, he's a good mate.

So it's been open at 8 Redwell Street in Norwich for just over a week now and I've been there a lot already.

You're probably all dying to know what I've had so I'll tell you in pictures...

Thornbridge St Petersburg Imperial Stout
London Fields Love Not War & Pale Ale

Brewdog 5AM Saint
Nogne O Imperial Stout & London Fields Harvest Ale

Summer Wine Teleporter
Brewdog Punk IPA

Kernel Black VI
Kernel Pale Wheat

I also had other lovely beers which I haven't taken pictures of:

Magic Rock Cannonball
Magic Rock High Wire
Camden Wheat
Camden Ink
London Fields Wheat
London Fields Marynka IPA
London Fields Hackney Hopster
Moor Illusion
Dark Star Revelation
Moor So'Hop

To be honest, I've had a lot of fucking beers. I've been quite fucking pissed. Check Untappd:

Basically, the point of this blogpost really is to tell you that The Norwich Taphouse is bitchin' and I'd recommend going there. Yes it's slightly more expensive than your standard boozer and the staff are still learning the ever changing beer list (and doing wonderfully) but this is the kind of place we have needed in Norwich for fucking ages.

I'm happy. My wallet is not.

You should go there if you're ever in Norwich... or make a trip especially.

Thanks to Patrick, Stu & the staff for being awesome. Thanks to everyone who has joined me in there for drinks including Alec, Kev, Jen & everyone I've forgotten.

We're onto a winner. NORWICH TAPHOUSE IS BITCHIN'.





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