Beats: Golden Records 2012

2012 is almost over so I figured I should do a blog post about my favourite musical type things of the year. Most of them have been easy decisions which was quite nice.

Top 5 Metal Albums of the Year:
5) Headspace – I Am Anonymous
4) Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Lost In The New Real
3) Hour of 13 – 333
2) 7 Horns 7 Eyes – Throes of Absolution
1) Devin Townsend – Epicloud

Top 5 Non-Metal Albums of the Year:
5) Foreign Beggars – The Uprising
4) Dead Belgian – Love & Death: The Songs of Jacques Brel
3) Shakespeare’s Sonnets Modernised
2) Pinkunoizu – Free Time
1) Future of the Left – The Plot Against Common Sense

Best Intro of the Year:
Devin Townsend – Effervescent (From Epicloud)

Song of the Year:
Collisions – Believe In This

Best Lyric of the Year:

Pirates of the Caribbean 47; Johnny Depp stars as the robot pirate who loses his wife in a game of poker and tries to win her back with hilarious consequences”­

From Future of the Left – Robocop 4: Fuck Off Robocop

Gig of the Year:
Devin Townsend at the Cambridge Junction

Record Label of the Year:
InsideOut Music. They’ve put some amazing albums out this year from Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Flower Kings, Headspace, Beardfish, Kaipa and more. Just consistently awesome.

PR Company of the Year:
Hold Tight! Lisa & James from Hold Tight are simply incredible. They’re such a pleasure to work with and are so passionate about what they do. They were the first PR company to even bother sending me music and I really wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Thanks guys.

Interview of the Year:
Beer tasting with Joel from Evile. It was fucking awesome.

Overall Album of the Year:
Devin Townsend - Epicloud.

Things I’d Most Like To Do in 2013:
Hang out with the Hold Tight PR gang.
More beer tastings with bands.
Go to more gigs.
Review more hip-hop.
See TesseracT live.

Thanks to everyone for a musically awesome 2012!



  1. Predictions for Top 5 Metal Albums of 2013

    5 ... Who cares
    4 ... Who cares
    3 ... Who cares
    2 ... Who cares
    1 ... Slayer's NEW FUCKING ALBUM



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