Booze: Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale review

I bought this one out of curiosity and that I fucking love Brooklyn Brewery. I've been happy with everything I've had from them so y'know, and pumpkin isn't really a common fruit to use in food and drink in the UK.

My experience with pumpkin is very limited. I have carved pumpkins at halloween but I've not eaten it. I've only had 3 different pumpkin beers - Southern Tier, Wychwood & Timmermans. I really enjoyed 1 out of 3, the Southern Tier Imperial Pumking Ale. It was beautiful.

I asked on both Facebook and Twitter today if anyone has had this particular beer and was it good. I got mixed results back. Matt said he didn't enjoy it, Rich simply said "Meh" but in the other corner we have The Biere Belle and Mel who both enjoyed it.

This, naturally, leads me to the assumption that it's a beer for girls (although I'm well aware that the lovely ladies in question drink big beers too!).

So, will I side with the ladies who love it or the men who meh it?

Brewery: Brooklyn (New York, USA)

Beer: Post Road Pumpkin Ale
Style: Fruit/Herb/Spiced Beer
ABV: 5%

It's dark orange/amber and has very little head.

A big hit of pumpkin that reminds me of carving pumpkins for Halloween when I was a kid. I instantly get a flashback of really shit pumpkin designs that I carved. I was always useless at art. This then moves into a lovely amalgamation of the pumpkin along with nutmeg and cinnamon. I imagine this is what pumpkin pie smells like.

Right, I'm gonna be fucking useless here as I don't have a clue what actual pumpkin tastes like but this is what I imagine pumpkin to taste like. It tastes as it smells - kind of dry and fleshy fruit. Like a bitter peach almost. We then get onto the the cinnamon and nutmeg with some brown sugar sweetness to finish.

It's fairly dry with a fair bit of carbonation.

Nate Dawg's Verdict:
I really fucking like this. I'd call it a mixture between Halloween & Christmas. Like Halloweenmas. If, at this point you're thinking of A Nightmare Before Christmas, you can fuck off. That movie is bollocks. It's just a really tasty beer. It's fruity, spicy and a bit dry. I really hope this is what pumpkin pie is like. I want some. This beer gets my official seal of approval. Ladies, I'm with you and I would buy more.



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