Bites: Guest post - World Premiere of T.J's Kitchen!

A while ago, I interviewed a hip-hop band from New York called Dussel Has Friends. I think they were the first interview I did and it was hilarious; you can read it here.

Well, in this interview T.J. told me about the sandwich he invented in High School called The Good Idea.

Now, for the first time ever you can witness Rich & T.J. showing you how you go about creating this magnificent beast!

Many thanks to the guys for creating this video for me to post here. Watch it, make it, share it!

Cheers guys!


  1. Glad we could help! It'd be amazing to see other people that have made it!

    1. Man, I seriously appreciate you guys taking the time to make this!

      I'm planning on flying over in June so you will be rewarded with awesome British beer!


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