Beats: Akarusa Yami - Ouroboros Review

Initially conceived in 2009 by Guitarist TK, Akarusa Yami began taking shape in September 2010 when Vocalist Tom Brumpton discussed with him the idea of starting a new band. Both having spent several years playing in other outfits such as Insidious, Cacodaemonic and Kallous; they combined their love of progressive metal with the merciless grinds of industrial music to create their debut EP “Ouroboros”. 

Before I heard this album, I had only heard one of the singles Life, The Venomous Way and I really enjoyed how different it was to a lot of music in the progressive death metal genre so I was quite excited about Ouroboros.

Ouroboros is actually nothing like the single.

Ouroboros is really something special.

Opening with brutally fast machine-gun drums, Millenium Is My Salvation quickly continues into shredding guitars and death metal vocals like no other whilst keeping in time with the constant speed of the drums then about half way through the song, the death metal vocals disappear into some kind of hauntingly atmospheric doom vocals before continuing with the original death metal but faster.

The Fallout comes next which is a lot more guitar forward and the vocals are more shouty and hardcore than the previous track. There is certainly some mad shredding along with the same machine-gun style drums. My only disappointment with The Fallout is that there are none of the doomy vocals that completed Millenium Is My Salvation.

Next up is Comfort In Amputation which has more of an old school death metal feel musically and again, shouty hardcore vocals with an old-school death metal tinge as well as my favourite, the familiar doomy vocals return! The song continues, switching between death metal and doom vocals with a riff like no other. Definitely my favourite track on the EP.

The EP breaks up a bit with a beautiful acoustic instrumental, Change Reflects. The guitar-work is quite Spanish in style and surprisingly works really well with the rest of the EP.

Third Eye, Wide Open is a track which makes me think “What if the opening two tracks merged? Is this what it would be like?” and the conclusion I’ve come to is yes. Yes it is.

The EP finishes on Day (1), yet another enjoyable track but musically, it seems slower than the rest of the E.P. The vocals are faster and it works but I don’t quite understand it. It’s a great way to finish.

I am really enjoying this EP, particularly the vocals but I do have one rather major issue – I feel that a lot of the time you can’t hear the other instruments behind the rather loud drums which is really quite sad because when you can hear the guitars, bass and keyboard too, it all comes together beautifully.

All in all, they’ve done a cracking job and I really cannot wait for the follow-up to Ouroboros which is due for release later this year.

Ouroboros is out now as a digital download and you can purchase it from your usual digital bringers of fine music.



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