Blogging: The Anti-social Element

I've noticed that several people have unfollowed me on twitter lately. Probably for a few reasons that include:

1) I've been quite depressed lately.
            Well, my Doctor says I might be depressed but what does he know? I, personally just think I'm a bit miserable. You can't blame me for this. Maybe I shouldn't convey my feelings on a social networking site but sometimes I can't help it. I'm only human. Things aren't going well in most areas of my life right now. Fair play to people who can pretend to be happy all the time; I'd  quite like to be one of those people but I'm not. I don't blame you for unfollowing me for this reason though, I'm a miserable bastard mostly.

2) I tweet a lot.
            Yes, I tweet a lot. I clog up your newsfeeds. People don't like this. I got twitter originally because people said I update my facebook status too much. I then grew to like it and started tweeting even more. I tweet about music mainly. Each day I like to dedicate to a different genre of music and tweet the albums I'm listening to. In case you didn't notice, my blog doesn't just cover the topic of beer, it covers music and food too. I hashtag the genre and the day to try and get people involved. I don't appreciate being unfollowed by tweeting about what I love - even if it is a lot - and trying to get people involved. For being social.

3) I swear a lot.
            To put it elegantly, I don't give a fuck. I like to use the whole of the English language. I don't care why swearing is socially unacceptable. At least I don't use the C word. Also, I'm not racist.

 4) People think I'm arrogant.
             I think you mean awesome.

5)  I post song lyrics a lot.
             Yes, I do. Funnily enough, I like music. My favourite part of music is lyrical content so of course I'm going to post lyrics, even if they're lyrics I can't relate to like Wu-Tang Clan lyrics. I can honestly say that I have never grabbed the clip and hit anyone with 16 shots or more for that matter.

6) I like Carling.
           People unfollow me because I like Carling. Probably. This is not a serious point. I just don't like odd numbers.

I guess people unfollowing me just started to annoy me a bit. I'd rather people tell me that they don't like the shit I'm tweeting/how I tweet said shit/the frequence of tweeting shit instead of just unfollowing me.

The funny thing about this blog post is that said people I'm pissed off at for unfollowing me probably won't even see this...

Another ridiculous blog-post by Nate Dawg

Nate [Don't unfollow]


  1. Awkward.... well, we unfollowed you, for some of the reasons you mention above (mostly volume of tweets, esp. on subjects other than beer (i.e. your lunch)). We continue to look at what you're tweeting when we see your name in our timeline because of retweets or mentions by others.

    We are also still reading your blog, and it's still on our blogroll.

    So, it's nothing personal. We get unfollowed multiple times every day. If we worried about each one, we'd end up institutionalised.

    1. Oh, I don't take it personally.

      My lunch is important being Booze, Beats & Bites...

      It's absolutely no problem but I don't think a lot of people realise that I'm not just gonna tweet about beer like a lot of beer bloggers. I have more that one suject!

      I don't doubt that you're reading my blog, hence your comment.

    2. Well, yes, the mistake was probably ours: we started following you when you were in a big beer-obsessed phase so, based on scanning your last X-number of tweets and blog posts, got the impression you were mostly about beer, and a bit about the music and food.

      But you're totally clear in your profile and here that that's not the case. We just weren't paying attention.

      We like the beer stuff, though, which is why we keep reading.

      Anyway, sorry again if us unfollowing has in any way offended you.

    3. I'm always in a big beer obsessed phase but there's more to my life and indeed my social life than just beer.

      My profile on twitter didn't say that at first, admittedly but I have recently changed it. Also, anyone who would've read my first ever blogpost (or even the url would've known that I'd talk about food and music a lot.

      I do post some stuff that's irrelevant but I'm trying to be more social and trying to get people involved in things like #SoulTuesday and by stating what I'm eating/listening to at lunch and asking other people.

      I appreciate your honesty though.

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  3. Honestly, i didnt unfollow because of your amount of tweets. I unfollowed you because YOU ARE BORING. i think this is probably why the majority of people unfollow you.

    Its probably because of your self righeousness about so much bollocks!!! but on the plus side atleast on here your ugly face is hidden behind a screen.

    Much Love and your smallest fan the Troll xxx

  4. Mr booze beats and boring are you not gonna reply to me now?

  5. I fap over Troll's comments. Even more when I hope that he is a gay 20 stone 50 year old male. PUT SAUCE ON YOUR MAN TITS SO I CAN EAT IT OFF YOU, BABY!!!!

  6. You are boring though. Emo one minute and all loving yourself next. You look like Yoko Ono and are about as street as Tony Blair. Romford massive! Straight bustin!

  7. Romford massive haha, the only tnhing busting in Romford is the dole office.

    And how did someone guess that me the troll, is a gay 50 year old! If you would like to come lick my leg sores feel free.

    But as for the blogger yes you are self righteous, especially posting on twitter about your rats burger!!!!


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