Booze: Deustche Bier

“Germany only has about three styles [of beer] and they ALL TASTE THE SAME”
-          David theUrban Viking

That was the most ridiculous thing I have read all week and it was in response to this:

“Germany playing Denmark is a difficult one for me considering my choices are based on beer... think I have to pick Germany though!”

I decided not to respond originally because it was an outrageous comment but the night after, Steve from Beers I’ve Known posted a link with a guide to German beer styles.

I reposted this on facebook and quoted Mr. Viking. This spawned a bit of a debate.

He challenged me to find him 3 German beers that are all unique. I briefly got back to him but I thought a blog post would do it more justice.

Here are my choices (notes are from my awesome book from pre-blogging days):

Beer: - Weihenstephaner Vitus
Style: - Weizen Bock
ABV: - 7.7%
Where: - The Euston Tap, London
How: - Draft – Half pint in a wheat beer glass

Looks: - Very cloudy dark yellow/orange with a thick white head.
Aromas: - It’s pretty much a super potent weizen. It’s like Erdinger on crack. Big banana and clove notes and very spicy. Wonderful.
Flavours: - Bananas, cloves, wheat, yeast and a little bit of orange peel with the big boozy kick
Mouthfeel: - Creamy and spicy

Beer: - Jever Pilsner
Style: - Pilsener
ABV: - 4.9%
Where: - Kogge Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, Hamburg
How: - Draft – 1Litre

Looks: - Translucent Golden with a very thin head
Aromas: - Hoppy, grassy and a little bit of lemon
Flavours: - Very clean, hoppy, grassy with a light bready flavour
Mouthfeel: - Heavy carbonation which is quite refreshing

Beer: - Köstritzer Schwarzbier
Style: - Schwarzbier (Black lager)
ABV: - 4.8%
Where: - The Playhouse, Norwich
How: - Draft – A pint

Looks: - Very black with a thick, creamy off-white head.
Aromas: - Roasted barley, Chocolate & Coffee
Flavours: - Roasted malt, sweet chocolate and coffee bitterness
Mouthfeel: - Light carbonation, quite smooth but gets rather dry as it warms up

Those are my three examples. Three beers that I love dearly.

Truth be told, I don’t drink nearly enough German beers as I once did which needs to be corrected but I have an issue – Every time I order beers on the internet I seem to skip straight past Germany to Denmark, the USA and other, more farfetched places.

Anyway, It’s all irrelevant. My original point is that there are more than three styles of beer in Germany. There are a lot of sub-genres but they all have their own unique quality.

I promise to drink and report back on more German beers.

How do you feel about German beers? Tell me about some of your favourites!



*EDIT* - Apologies to the Viking... I am not attacking him... he was just trolling on my Facebook page but sarcasm does not come across well online!



  1. Awesome post mate!

    That Köstritzer Schwarzbier sounds really interesting - bet it's not nearly the same drinking from a bottle (if you can...)

    1. To be honest, I don't think I've ever had it bottled! It shouldn't be too hard to get around here now as Adnams import it. If you can't find it, I'll send you a bottle ;-)

  2. To be fair you have misquoted me as I also told you I was trolling. If this is an attempt at belittling me it is academic.

    1. Nah, man; it's no disrespect to you... it was a good excuse to write a post about German beer!

    2. Disrespectin meh! Oh snap! *head waggle*

  3. I can think of three other completely different off top of my head!

    Berliner Kindl weisse (I challenge anyone to claim this is like any other beer!)

    Fruh Kolsch

    frakenheim Alt

    1. Out of those, I've only had Fruh Kolsch which I wasn't a massive fan of.

      It's funny though as if I mention Kolsch beers to German friends they all tell me that a Kolsch isn't a real beer...


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