Booze: City of Ale Part 3 - A Beer Run & Some More Pubs

It's time for part 3 of my City of Ale blog series... how fun!

If you missed the other two, I must insist you take a look:

and so the story begins...

Saturday morning I woke up with a very sore head but that didn’t stop me from rolling out of bed with a smile on my face knowing that I would be going to the ultimate beer shop... BEERS OF EUROPE!

OH THE EXCITEMENT! The car drive up there DID NOT help my hangover. REALLY DID NOT HELP MY HANGOVER. I was too excitable in the car on the way there and discussing the previous night’s activities with the guys.

We finally got there and it was every bit as awesome as I expected. We were in there for two hours and between 3 of us we came away with well over £100 worth of beer. I managed to restrain myself and pick up 6: Pabst Blue Ribbon (Don’t even), Jupiler Tauro, Steamworks Third Eye Pale Ale, Desperados (500ml can) and Little Creatures Bright Ale.

Just one of the massive beer filled aisles at Beers of Europe
I then went home to sort my life out for a couple of hours before heading back out to visit some cool ass brewers at the brewers market at The Forum. I caught up with Golden Triangle, Humpty Dumpty, Ole Slewfoot, Grain & Panther; had a few cheeky samples and naturally had to buy a bomber of Humpty Dumpty Double W IPA.

Caught up with Rob and went to The Belgian Monk where we both opted for Bavik Pils as it was a hot day and needed something cold and refreshing. Was great to catch up.

I then had to rush off and rescue the Northerners as Andrew’s telephone GPS had taken him in the wrong direction. We returned to the Belgian Monk, without Rob. I had a Petrus Blonde which was a nice, strong Belgian Blonde beer, Andy had a Gulden Draak 9000 Quadrupel as I had been banging on about how awesome it was and Stu had a Petrus Dubbel. Stu is a slow drinker (probably a good idea) so I got a Witterkerke White which literally tasted like cheesecake, it was awesome!

We then felt we had to go and abuse The Ultimate Warrior Queen of Beer at The Rose for some Norwich Bears. It was only natural. I had a Strawberry Blonde (I wish!) which was really tasty – It’s a blonde beer made with real strawberries and oh yes, you can taste it. It’s a little bit piney hops and very strawberry. Way too drinkable. I thought it would’ve been rude to not have another so naturally; Platinum Blonde was on the cards.

From left to right: Me, Stu, Dawn & Andrew in The Rose

After that it was time to leave. We weren’t going to go anywhere else but ended up stopping in The King’s Arms for a couple of pints. Both of mine were Acorn God Save the Queen which was quite delicious.

I then had to leave. I had to go home and attempt to write.

It didn’t work.

Had a couple of beers at home to end the night – Mikkeller Simcoe Single Hop IPA. My favourite single hop Simcoe thus far. It was literally a face full of mangoes. Then I opted for the Humpty Dumpty Double W IPA that I bought earlier which was even better bottled than it was on cask... big citrus hop flavours with sweetness and bitterness.

My night ended there. Dead on the bed.

I just wanna thank Stu & Andrew for making the massive trip to Norwich to sample the fine beers of Norfolk and for inviting me on their pilgrimage to Beers of Europe! It would be great to see you return!

Part 4 of my City of Ale Series will be online tomorrow night... the best part indeed...



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