Beats: Syd Arthur – On An On review

It's worth noting that the cover art is totally fucking bizarre and was designed by Liam (Vocalist)

Syd Arthur are what I’d call a psychedelic folk band and they're from Canterbury in Kent. They mix instrumental music with digital techniques to bring a 60s/70s sound into the modern day.

The album opens with First Difference which is a very laid back song; it starts off with funky stringed instruments and not very much in the way of percussion which is great for a change. There are drums but they’re just a background beat which is quite nice. The vocals are really raw which is awesome, something you don’t hear all too often these days.

The next track, Edge Of The Earth starts off with a weird atmosphere then goes into a violin for a bit before the vocals and what sounds like some synth comes in and progresses with guitars.

The whole album goes through a weird psychedelic folk weirdness which I really quite like. It has upbeat songs and some slower, more downbeat songs. There really is a mixture of everything.

When speaking to Joel from the band, I asked him who their musical inspirations are because, well, they have such a unique sound; this is what he had to say:

We have many inspirations, from the Canterbury Sound legends of Soft Machine and Caravan, through to Zappa and Miles Davis, with the best in psychedelic and 60's rock on the way. To be honest, we listen to such a wide ranging amount and styles of music, and it all filters its way through in its own way”

I can definitely hear all of those musical inspirations in the music which is awesome because a lot of the time when I ask a band who they say their biggest inspirations are, it’s nowhere to be seen at all.

All in all, I enjoy this album and I’d recommend this album if you want to listen to something different and modern but with a tinge of the 60s and 70s.

You can even download their song Moving World for free and watch the music video for Edge Of The Earth on their website, so you have absolutely no excuse not to check them out:

Then go purchase the album here:



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