Beats: Why is your band called that?

I got a press release today from Victory Records; a fairly big record label that specialises in hardcore punk, emo, pop-rock and metal. This press release was telling us about a metalcore band called A HERO A FAKE (Terrible name) and their new album The Future Again (Silly album title too) which is out on July 17th this year. The press release came with a youtube link to steam the album (Link here in case you’re curious: but I haven’t listened to it because of the terrible name.

I conveyed these feelings on twitter, naturally and got a couple of responses…

James from the blog Beer Bar Band saidterrible band names are a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm talentless but want to start band called "Buttnuggets" just for the name

And Kitten Mitton raised a very good point by sayingIt would be better with a comma maybe? A Hero, A Fake

Firstly, James; I would listen to Buttnuggets, purely because the name is mildly amusing. It’s silly but it’s amusing and bizarre – like The Butthole Surfers. Silly band name… but they’re totally fucking awesome.

Secondly; Kitten Mitton raises a very good point – a comma would be better although I think the name would still be fucking ridiculous.

I’ve always been puzzled by terrible band names. I want to listen to a band whose name actually makes sense… maybe even means something.

I feel that band names have an impact on how you hear the music… I’m saying this is a terrible name for a band, I could listen to it but I’m kind of expecting them to be terrible purely based on the name so even if it’s a good album it could sound slightly rubbish.

Maybe I should just stop being so fucking ridiculous, I dunno. This is just how I feel.

I just want to ask “Why have you chosen such an absurd name?”

Maybe I should.

How do you feel about terrible band names? Does a band’s name change how you hear the music?



  1. Greetings Nate! Just sending you my URL for this month's session. The blog is Whosisbrew. The link is right here:

  2. My favorite terrible band names:

    Napalm Death - What the Hell? Doesn't even make sense! Death by Napalm would have been much better. Makes more sense. Instead of being picked due to liking a certain movie.

    Nile - Okay, your lyrics are about Ancient Egyptian etc. But to call your band after the river which runs through Egypt? Come on, you're not even from Egypt! Ra, would have been a far better name.

    Akercocke - Originality please. You got your band name from a creature from a book. Boring.

    Spice Girls - Are you chefs? Did you go to cookery school? Did you all meet in a resturant?

    Haha, in all seriousness. The band name doesn't put me off. Although it is handy in the DSBM genre, as if it sounds too . . . Emo, then the music won't be 'tr00' DSBM.
    For any new band I come across, I tend to jump straight into the music. Then I make my mind up from there.
    Only thing I'll judge a band on is appreance.

    1. Thanks for your reply.

      I don't think those are that bad examples... I think, what I tried not to point out was that metalcore is the worst for band names that literally don't mean a thing.


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