Beats: Aliases – Safer Than Reality review

Aliases are a metalcore band based in Manchester, England; I say metalcore but their facebook page suggests their genre is ‘brutiful’. I’ll roll with that.

Last week, the band announced that sadly, their vocalist Jay Berast has had to leave the band for personal reasons.

I quote from Jay, himself: “My life has changed and with it, my priorities, which means I can no longer be fully committed to the band, so it's time to step aside to let someone else take Aliases forward for the next stage of the journey.

As sad as this is, he has is reasons for moving on and it’s not like he’s leaving on bad terms… he just wants the best for the band which is fair enough!

What did guitarist, Pin have to say? “Jay has been like a brother to us however we are fully committed to putting everything into the band and therefore every member has to be in the same mindset. Ultimately this will allow us to write better music, perform better shows and simply propel Aliases where we want it to go. We certainly don't want to be presenting his successor with an album of finished music to just slap vocals on”

Y’know, I have a lot of respect for Jay for leaving when he did. I’ve seen a lot of bands whose vocalist has left an unfinished album then the new vocalist steps in and doesn’t know what the fuck’s going on so the album just doesn’t work.

The guys are all looking forward to cracking on with the album and a new vocalist; let’s just hope he can match Jay, hey?

Anyway, on 15th August 2011, Aliases released their highly anticipated debut mini-album Safer Than Reality and this is what I’m here to tell you about…

The album starts off with What’s Left For Us and doesn’t fuck around; it just blasts straight into the fast and heavy instrumentals, it doesn’t build up; it’s just BLAM, right in your face then the vocals kick in; some hard, heavy and fast metalcore vocals pair brutifully (in their own words) with the technical guitars and the rather fitting drumming that’s just there in the background and doesn’t feel the need to rise above the rest. The clean vocals are great too, and they’re completely necessary. I really could not imagine this track working without them.

The next track Reality of Beliefs starts off a little more subtle than the first track as they seem to have focused on starting the track by showcasing Pin’s awesome guitar skills after a familiar cymbal intro which seems to be synonymous with a lot of songs in this genre. After not too long, the brutal and indecipherable vocals kick in then disappear as we get more clean vocals which are really the stand out piece on this track. Probably my favourite song on the album as every single talent is showcased in its own way.

The album just keeps giving with We Never Should Have Met which is more in your face screaming and straight up brutality before the interlude, Retraction, which brings a real hypnotic atmosphere to the album and breaks it up nicely. After that, we have All That Glitter’s Gold which I think is a brilliant name for and song and, well; the technicality of the guitar skill is golden. After a couple of songs, we then have another beautiful interlude called The Beginning Has No End which really works as an intro to go into the final song, Sirens. For me, on Sirens the strange thing is that the rhythm guitars are standing out a lot more than the lead guitar. The rhythm guitarist is the one band member nobody ever bothers talking about, Leah is a great guitarist. I’m hoping to hear a lot more from her on the forthcoming album.

Now, you know I’m going to have a criticism here because there’s a member of this band I’ve not spoken about. The Bassist. Where is Joe on this mini-album? I literally haven’t detected any of the bass guitars on this album which is really sad. Maybe it’s the way it’s mixed but in all honesty, I’m not getting it.

Bottom line: I really like this album. As the band themselves declare, it is ‘brutiful’. It has a wonderful mixture of in-your-face brutality, melody and technicality.

Aliases Safer Than Reality is out now on Basick Records. I’d highly recommend it to fans of metalcore who are looking for something that little bit special and different to the norm.

Go ahead and take a listen, then buy it:

You can catch Aliases’ final show with vocalist Jay Berast at the Camden Underworld in London on Saturday 8th September as part of the Siege of Amida Records & Basick Records all-dayer. Read about it here:

Coming soon, a legendary interview with Aliases guitarist Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney as the final part of an Aliases/Basick Records Trio…



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