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So I’m doing fantasy (American) football with the NFL in Norfolk guys. Thought it would be a fun thing to do. I’m blatantly going to fail, I am thinking; now that I’m looking back at my picks.

Fuck it. It’s all fun, right?

Wanna criticise my team? Go ahead...


Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers
Matt Flynn – Seattle Seahawks


Shonn Greene – New York Jets
Pierre Thomas – New Orleans Saints
Knowshon Moreno – Denver Broncos


DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles
Titus Young – Detroit Lions
Jacoby Ford – Oakland Raiders
Mohamed Massaquoi – Cleveland Broncos


Zach Miller – Seattle Seahawks
Fred Davis – Washington Redskins


Stephen Gostkowski – New England Patriots
Matt Bryant – Atlanta Falcons


San Francisco 49ers


J.J. Watt – Houston Texans
Adrian Clayborn – Tampa Bay Buccaneers


D.J. Williams – Denver Broncos
Desmond Bishop – Green Bay Packers


Reggie Nelson – Cincinnati Bengals
Roman Harper – New Orleans Saints
Charles Godfrey – Carolina Panthers

So yeah, that’s my team.

I am doomed.


Feel free to criticise...




  1. Philip Rivers should be fine if he doesn't throw as many interceptions as last season. Shonn Greene is a good pick, he's going to get plenty of touches and with Sanchez/Tebow at quarterback god knows they're not getting any touchdowns from the passing game! Titus Young could have a good year, especially if teams put triple coverage on Megatron. The 49ers defense should be a top 5 unit once again and JJ Watt should be one of the leagues top defensive lineman (not that they ever score many fantasy points). If Desmond Bishop is put onto injured reserve in the next few days you may need to get trading for a linebacker, otherwise pretty solid :)

    1. I think I did alright. I just like to put myself down.


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