Booze: Adnams Innovation review (International IPA Day)

It's that time of year again... it's International IPA Day! Now in its second year, this day is an international event where we all come together, regardless of physical distance, in order to share with each other what IPAs we are drinking.

There are many events going on in pubs and bars all over the world but sadly I'm stuck in Norwich tonight which is not a very IPA-centric city.

As I'm not likely to be able to get my hands on any IPAs tonight due to having other commitments, I decided to grab a bottle of Adnams Innovation from Co-Op last night and review it for my drinking - and your reading - pleasure. I have had this beer many times before but not for a while so I wonder if it has changed?

Yeah, bitch; Instagram
Brewery: Adnams
Beer: Innovation
Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
ABV: 6.7%


Clear, golden colour with an off-white head that fades pretty quickly. Lots of lacing left on the glass too.


Very hoppy with a bit of malt and some yeast. Smells incredibly sweet.


A nice, smooth and clean fruity hoppiness. I got grapefruit with very sweet peaches. This fades into a nice, soft maltiness which ends up blending in and taking the edge off the sweetness. If that maltiness wasn't there, it would just be sickly sweet. You cannot taste the fact that it's 6.7% either. It's just an incredibly well rounded beer.


Very soft and creamy, a little bit prickly after a while too.


Fuck yes. I remember this beer from before and I'm not sure if they've changed the recipe but it's even better than I remember; although, this may be because I'm thinking about it more deeply now. It's a great beer and very local too which is awesome. If this was a couple of % lower, it would be a great session beer but at 6.7% it's probably a bit heavy. Also, Adnams definitely need to keg this (I've been pestering Fergus for a while on twitter; he says they're thinking about it)

So, there we are. That's my IPA Day beer and very tasty it was too!

Have a good one tonight, everyone, I'll try and tweet my jealousy that you're drinking awesome IPAs later but I can't promise that!



  1. I'm off on the next stage of my Monopoly crawl tonight Nate ( - I didn't know about IPA day but I'll try to grab one whilst I'm out - Cheers fella!

    1. Looking forward to reading it!

      Definitely try and grab an IPA... mmm...

  2. a truelly superbb beer from a wonderful brewery but i fort it reallyh needed more hops.

  3. cool will look out for this dude


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