Beats: Anna MacDonald – Paper Flowers

Anna MacDonald is a singer and songwriter of folk songs which reflect the stronginfluence that different strands of Scotland’s traditional musichave had upon her. A multi-instrumentalist, she is able to play the piano,guitar and clarsach which she beautifully intertwines with Scots, English andGaelic songs. As well as performing regularly at folk clubs and festivals, inMay 2011 Anna began work with Fraser Fifield on her second EP, Paper Flowers.

The first track is the title track, Paper Flowers which opens with beautiful pianos before Anna Macdonald’s beautiful voice kicks in along with some pipes. It’s a slow and enchantingly sad song. Absolutely beautiful.

The next song, Matty Groves is a lot faster, more upbeat and features an acoustic guitar too; this one is more Gaelic in style and her voice definitely sounds Scottish on this one. You’d think that’s not something that needs to be pointed out but hearing the album, it’s definitely worth mentioning. This is more my kind of folk music.

The rest of the EP continues with more of a slower vibe which I personally think suits her style best. Anna Macdonald is a seriously talented singer, songwriter and musician. If you like soft, melodic folk music; this is definitely your thing.

Anna MacDonaldPaper Flowers is out today, Monday 6th June.



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